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Test Liner

Kraft liner is a paper which can be produced with 80% to 100% (virgin or first hand) pulp. If we produce paper which is made of 100% recyclable paper, it is called liner, and if it has two layers, it is called test liner. In Iran, when a slight percentage of high quality pulp is added to this type of paper, it is called pseudo kraft.I should be mentioned that the less virgin pulp is used in kraft paper, the closer will be quality of the product to test liner paper. Test liner paper is used in the production of corrugated sheet, and as per its quality it can be used both as the external and internal layer. The grammage of this type of paper ranges between 90 to 220 grams. The test liner paper which is used as the external layer of corrugated cartons has special technical specifications. For example, the external layer absorbs less water than the internal layer. The reason for less water absorption of the external layer is to support cartons from absorbing the environmental humid and to print on it better. The reason for the higher water absorption of the internal layer is to have better adhesion on fluting paper. Moreover, the test liner paper has proper surface resistivity for high quality printing.​

Fluted Paper

is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be supplied individually as a type of protective packaging. It provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case and providing a cushioning effect for the primary product.

Kraft Paper

also known as kraft, is a strong paperboard material that’s composed of chemical pulp produced in the kraft process. Kraft paper is a commonly used material in ecommerce and food packaging products due to its durability, elasticity and environmentally friendly benefits.

Liner Paper

used for between the paper to make it stronger or we can produce 2 ply or 3 ply corrugated sheet

Jumbo Roll

A roll of tissue web material the outside diameter of which is larger than standard diameter

MGkraft Paper

MG Kraft paper, which is a kind of pulp paper and produced from first grade pulp paper, was frequently used in the past, especially in the production of holy books. The production of MG Kraft paper is produced in machines as printed, unprinted, double-sided or single-sided. Producing in machines ensures that it is undamaged and hygienic


Duplex board is made of wood pulp, coated one side, which with white and smooth surface suitable for printing. It is a strong board and good for printing on and widely used for boxes packaging. One side coated duplex paper board grey back with high stiffness 230g-450g ☞☞duplex board grey back product description Duplex board is made of wood pulp, coated one side, which with white and smooth surface

White Top

White Top Testliner is a 2-ply paper whose top side is made up of bleached fibres such as TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) and bottom is made from recycled paper. White top testliner finds application in high quality printing,